Welcome to Palmwoods Kids Club, we firstly wish to respectfully acknowledge the Gubi Gubi people who are the traditional custodians and first people of the land on which we gather to care for the families of Palmwoods Kids Club. We would like to pay our respects to the Elders past and present and would like to extend our respect to the Aboriginal people/educators and students who visit Kids Club.

We are a P&C operated service which is proudly and successfully managed by the Palmwoods State School P& C Executive and a Sub Committee. 

Established in 1996 Palmwoods Kids Club operated from the now, Parent Room.  In 2002, with the help of a government grant and savings, we constructed our own purpose built building.  On November 29th   2002 the building was officially opened by Mr Peter Wellington MP Member for Nicklin and Councillor Jenny McKay.

In 2012 Palmwoods Kids Club began operating under the National Childcare Framework.  We are yet to be assessed however we are working towards being a centre of excellence.  With this in mind we have developed our centre Mission Statement to reflect this goal.

We are proud that our current team consists of Educators who have been employed by Kids Club long term and many of these Educators have also been students of both the school and Kids Club in the past, putting us in the unique position of having a team who is both  personally and professionally invested in Palmwoods State School.

All of our  Educators are  qualified in Childcare or Studying Education.  We have handpicked our team so that we can utilise each and every Educator’s strengths, interests and specialised skills.  From sport to IT, carpentry to gardening,  our team has a broad array of experience that they can pass onto your children.  These life experiences and interests also provide us, as Educators, with a basis for building meaningful relatinships with children, based on their interests and backgrounds.

Here at Palmwoods Kids Club we operate a play based program which has strong roots in both the Montessori approach and the Reggio Emilo style of education.  This is reflected in our programming style and in the way we invite children to play.  We call this our "Learning Journey" as it is a pictoural and written record/observation of the children’s activities, investigations, achievements, extensions and interests.  Please take the time to ask your children about their session with us and check out their learning journies online.

Our aim at Kids Club is to provide a home like environment where the children and their families feel safe and comfortable.  We also hope to provide the children with opportunities to partake in activities that they would participate in if they were at home or at a friend’s place.  For this reason we have decorated our room to mirror small spaces within a home environment.  A reading corner, homework area, TV space, as well as a creative space and room for the children to utilise how they wish.  We have put a great deal of thought into the layout of this space and as such have included a seniors’ zone which includes age appropriate G rated magazines, advanced games and an Xbox.  The seniors designed this area from the colour scheme to the furniture and all within a budget that they managed themselves.  While this area is out of bounds for juniors it is a space or refuge for older children who wish to have their own space and as we all know, this is very important as a pre teen.

Our sustainability program at Kids Club is a project we are very proud of.  We have planted out our garden with fruits and vegetables that are used by both us and the school tuckshop.  The children help with the maintenance of this space and learn about flora and fauna in the process.  This area is always evolving and as it is located at the entrance of our building, you will notice these changes when you visit our room.  We are keen recyclers and the children manage both a worm farm and a composting bin.  Throughout our room we have paper recycling bins and food bins which are disposed of appropriately.  Please feel free to make suggestions with regard to how we might become even more sustainable in our centre.

This website has been designed with the busy parent/guardian in mind.  Many of us are also parents and as such we acknowledge that pick up and drop off times can be very hectic.  Included on this site are online forms, many of our Policies for you to reference, our Handbook, our quarterly Newsletter, our Calendar of Events and most excitingly, our weekly Learning Journeys.  Having this all available online means you are able to have a look at your child’s adventures in your own time and chat with your child about their experiences.  This said, please be reassured that this section of our website is not public and only families of our centre have access to these Learning Journeys.  There is also a section in the Enrolment Form where you are able to indicate if you do not wish for your child to appear in the Learning Journey presentations.

While we hope to have provided all of the information you may need, we are happy to hear from you if you require any additional information.  Feel free to call us on 5478 9499 or if reading this out of operating hours you are welcome to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally if you wish to hear it “from the horses mouth” check out the Kids Speak tab, for comments our current and past children have made about their time at Kids Club.

Hope to see you at Kids Club!



Nominated Supervisor - Certifed supervisors who have consented to manage a kindergarten, long day care ouside school hours or family day care service. 

Educational leader - Educators designated to lead the developing and implementing educational programs in a service. 


I'm Maria and I am the Nominated Supervisor, Educational Leader and Coordinator.

I started in Outside School Hours Care way back in 1996 and I can tell you it has certainly changed significantly since then.
Since starting in Child Care I have worked in; Outside School Hours Care, Long Daycare and for the Department of Child Safety. I have held roles such as Area Manager and General Manager, within the Children's Services sector and have served on many committees over the years.
I am now in my seventh year at Palmwoods Kids Club and feel very at home in this small and close community. My husband attended Palmwoods State School and it is our hope that our children will also attend. We have in fact been very lucky in that many of our Educators have also attended Palmwoods State School, the children always like to hear this.
While studying my Bachelor of Human Services, I completed an Advanced Diploma in Children's Services and continue to undertake professional development. This study continuously challenges me to improve my practice as a child care professional and of course furthers my knowledge of child development and how best to nurture their minds and interests.
My goals for Palmwoods Kids Club are to have happy children and happy parents and guardians. My door is always open to discuss your child or just for a chat.
Now having two young children I understand more than ever that parents want the best for their children and I now know how difficult it is to leave your children in the care of others. That said, please speak with me if you are feeling anxious or guilty about your child being in care as I will do my best to put your mind at ease.
Although Child Care has been a huge part of my life since leaving school I have always had a strong interest in sport; specifically Gymnastics and Touch Football. Over the years I have coached children and youth in the sports of Gymnastics, Sports Aerobics, Cheerleading, Kindygym and Special Needs Gymnastics. I have worked as a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer and hold a Certificate 3 in Fitness and a number of coaching certificates. I am passionate about getting kids moving and their nutrition and have a special interest in the link between nutrition and brain function.
I work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but please feel free to pop in on the other days as our friendly and experienced Educators are always happy to speak with you and I am often available by phone if necessary.
Thank you for using our service and I look forward to working with you, in nurturing the development of your precious child.