Here at Kids Club we appreciate that not all children have the ability to keep pets at their homes.

For this reason we have included a number of animals in our Kids Club family. At all times we abide by our service policy relating to the care and keeping of pets.
Charlie, our resident bird, is our most popular pet.  This may be because he is able to visit you personally in your home,  Charlie spends his weeks chatting to the kids and learning to whistle new tunes, but on his weekends he prefers to laze about at other people's places.  Charlie travels to our homes with his overnight bag which consists of his cage blanket, cleaning necessities, food and his travel diary which allows you to read about Charlie's travels.  We also ask that you add to the diary so that we can keep track of our mate Charlie, the children love to read about his adventures.  Charlie has been hand raised and as such he is able to play outside of his cage and you may just see this occurring when you pop in at drop off and collection times.
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Mr Blu is our pet Blue Tongue Lizard. If you see Mr Blu out of his enclosure with the children, feel free to give him a pat, he is very friendly and the children enjoy interacting with him. The children have the opportunity to assist staff maintain his enclosure and feed him his favourite foods, including crickets and grasshoppers. We have an educational purpose Permit for Mr Blu.