Service Philosophy

The values which underpin Kids Club’s provision of a quality service are:

¨Children’s physical, emotional and social needs are met in a safe, caring and supportive environment, which is inclusive of all children.
¨The best interests of the child are the paramount concern.
¨This Service provides care in a way that –
¡protects the child from harm
¡respects the child's dignity and privacy
¡Caters for individual children’s needs and interests
¡provides positive experiences to the child and is a fun place to be
¡provides children with an opportunity to develop a strong sense of identity
¡allows children to be connected with and contribute to their world
¡promotes children’s sense of wellbeing and agency
¡provides an environment which allows children to be confident and involved learners
¡enables children to become effective communicators;
¨Our Pedagogical approach to the program provides our children with invitations to; play, create, extend on interests and develop life skills.
¨We recognise children’s age, balanced with intentional programming and opportunity for child-initiated planning, in line with current understandings of middle childhood development. We aim to provide activities and resources which hold significant value for individual children.
¨Children, parents, educators and relevant community members are treated with respect and their views in relation to the professional operation of the Service are considered and valued.
¨Palmwoods Kids Club recognises and respects parents as primarily responsible for the upbringing, protection and development of their children.  We aim to collaborate with parents in that role, to the greatest extent reasonably possible.
¨The Service encourages and welcomes open discussion with all, on issues relevant to the Service’s operation.
¨Kids Club  believes that it “it takes a village to raise a child” therefore Community engagement and participation are held with high regard.
¨Each families culture will be recognised and genuinely appreciated with the program.
¨Children, families and educators who have additional/diverse needs are welcome and an inclusive approach will be implemented using existing resources and, where necessary, supported by appropriate community agencies.