At Palmwoods Kids Club we believe that children’s; physical, emotional and social needs must be met in a safe, caring and supportive environment.  In addition, we believe that our program should be inclusive of all children and their families and recognise and respect parents as primarily responsible for the upbringing, protection and development of their children.  We aim to collaborate with parents in that role, to the greatest extent reasonably possible and as such welcome open discussion with all, on issues relevant to the Service’s operation. Palmwoods Kids Club believes that “it takes a village to raise a child”.


Palmwoods Kids Club will protect all children from harm and respect each child’s dignity and privacy.  We will cater for individual children’s needs and interests, in line with our curriculum and the My Time Our Place Framework. We will always provide a positive experience for each child.  Palmwoods Kids Club will be a fun place to spend time, with endless opportunities for the children to develop a strong sense of identity and allowing each child to connect with and contribute in a way which suits them.  We will promote agency and provide an environment which allows children to be confident and involved learners who can effectively communicate and most importantly, be heard.


We will foster children’s capacity to value and respect the broader environment and appreciate the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land. Our program will provide children with opportunities to be involved in environmentally, socially and economically sustainable practices both at Palmwoods Kids Club and in the community. Our commitment to Reconciliation and Inclusion will support a deeper connection to the land on which we nurture the children in our care and we will embed these attitudes by inviting; the children, parents, community and educators to regularly reflect on our journey of change.


Our pedagogical approach to the program is based around play, fun and the 9 Multiple Intelligences.  We provide invitations to; create, extend on interests and develop life skills, in addition to scaffolding children’s developing interests.  We believe that providing children with activities and resources which hold significant value for individual children, allows them to engage at their own pace.


Palmwoods Kids Club management will support a cohesive team of professionals who perform their role ethically and in a manner which is child and community centric.  Our service management will; recruit and retain educators who prioritise an environment which promotes learning and development, while complementing our pedagogical approach of play and fun. We will treat our educators with respect, fairness and equity and build on their strengths while providing them with mentoring, training and support.  In turn Palmwoods Kids Club will have a team of professionals who work harmoniously and model healthy and happy relationships with each other, the community and the children in our care.


Furthermore we believe that all stakeholders including; children, families, community members and educators should be treated with respect and their views in relation to the operation of our service will be considered and valued.  In line with this belief, each family’s and educator’s culture and or diverse needs will be recognised and genuinely appreciated within the program. 


Our Values