In 2014 we introduced our "Belonging Plan". This is a program where we invite local Long Daycare Centre, to visit in order to prepare their Pre Preps for the transition to the 
Kids Club environment. The young children from Daycare are able to visit during the day with a small group of older children acting as Ambassadors of Kids 
Club. They visit with their current Educators and other peers who were to be attending Palmwoods State School the following year. The Pre Preps are able 
to orientate themselves with Kids Club and participate in activities. They are able to measure themselves on the height chart in the room, and provide
them with opportunities to meet Kids Club pets and their names are added to a "Community Bear".

During the 2014 Christmas Period we invited another Vacation Care Service to our centre for a visit. This was a wonderful opportunity for Kids Club children 
to practice their skills in meeting new people, negotiating, sharing and general socialising.