Our Program

Our Program!

At Kids Club we strive to involve all our children in different environments and activities so they can establish their own identities. Kids Club’s goal is to create meaningful experiences by nurturing individuality, promoting confidence and furthering the abilities of our children.

Our educators always create safe and positive space for all children at Kids Club. We strive to treat every child in our care with kindness and understanding. We love to hear any feedback from our families about our daily program, please do not hesitate to speak to our staff if you have any suggestions.

Before School Care

We open at 6:30am for Before School Care. The areas we utilize in this session are our room, the outdoor AstroTurf area, and the blue concrete. We provide breakfast throughout the morning session, please see “Menu” section for further information. Our children have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities including arts and crafts, reading, board games, construction, and dancing. At 8:20am we pack up, and get the children ready for school. Children in Years 2-6 leave to F-Block at 8:30am, the Preps and Year 1’s remain until 8:40am and are walked up to their classroom by Educators.

After School Care

At After School Care the Preps are collected from their classrooms by an Educator at 2:45pm. At 2:50pm the Year 1’s are collected from their classrooms by an Educator. When the school bell rings at 2:50pm children from Years 2-6 walk over to Kids Club, and are signed in by an Educator. The kids wash their hands and head up unto the deck for afternoon tea. Children in Years 4-6 have the opportunity to eat in the AstroTurf area next to the deck. At around 3:15pm we have a group chat, apply sunscreen, put on a hat, and head off to the different areas the children choose for the afternoon. The spaces we utilize are the Junior and Senior Playground, Oval and our room. On wet weather days we utilize the Hall. Throughout the afternoon children can choose to move between the spaces, as directed by Educators. Between 4:45pm and 5pm we pack up the areas we are utilising and return to the room. After 5pm we remain in the room, and the children can play technology, or do quiet activities until we close at 6pm.

Vacation Care

Please see Vacation Care tab for further information!

Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out is an event we run at Kids Club, roughly once a month. We open the centre from 6-9pm on a Friday. This event gives parents the opportunity to go out to dinner, or enjoy a night to themselves!

The children come along, watch movies, eat movie snacks, have dinner and dessert, all while comfy in their PJ’s!!

I have attached a past Parents Night Out poster that has some further information. We announce the events via email and our Palmwoods Kids Club Facebook Page.

Preps + Year One’s

Prior to Prep children commencing at Kids Club, we recommend that they have a visit with a parent/guardian prior to assist their transition and get them familiar with the team and space.

At Before School Care children in Prep and Year 1 stay at Kids Club until the bell rings at 8:40am and are walked up to their classrooms by an Educator. At After School Care the Preps are picked up from their classrooms at 2:45pm and brought down to Kids Club to have afternoon tea and sit on the deck until we break off at 3:15pm. The Year 1’s are picked up by an Educator at 2:50pm and brought down to Kids Club to have afternoon tea and sit on the deck until we break off at 3:15pm.


We offer Breakfast at Before School Care and Vacation Care. We offer a selection of yummy cereals and toast with spreads each morning.

We create a weekly menu for the afternoon teas we will be providing each week. The weekly menu is displayed on our programming wall each week, and will be updated below.

We create a weekly Baking Menu for the kids to participate in Baking Opportunities on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. This menu is displayed on our fridge each week and will be updated below.

Our children have the opportunity increase their knowledge about food and nutrition through involvement in menu planning and food preparation. The nutrition activities that we provide for the children have been designed to encourage children to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing through learning about and developing healthy eating habits. Over Vacation Care, we provide morning tea and afternoon tea for the children, and the children need to bring their own lunch, and other snacks if they would prefer to eat their own morning and afternoon tea.

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Email: admin@palmwoodskidsclub.com.au
Phone: 5478 9499
Address: 111 Palmwoods-Montville Rd Palmwoods QLD 4555

Opening Hours

Before School Care: 6:30am to 8:45am
After School Care: 2:45pm to 6pm
Vacation Care: 6:30am to 6pm

Acknowledgement to Country

We at Palmwoods Kids Club would like to acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi people who are the traditional custodians of this land on which we work, play, learn and grow. We would also like to pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the hopes, dreams, traditions and cultures of Aboriginal Australia. Our vision for reconciliation is to create an environment that embraces unity between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and other Australians, and a culture that fosters equality, equity and historical acceptance of our shared history.